Body By Jake

Body By Jake

You might not immediately recognize the name Jake Steinfeld, but I’m pretty sure you’ll recognize Jake on TV, in print or in person. Jake Steinfeld is the entrepreneur, fitness trainer and personality behind the Body by Jake brand and also one of the most ubiquitous fitness fads that filled your television with infomercials around the clock. You may not remember much about the Body by Jake program, product or infomercial at this point in time, but the brand is etched into our consciousness, even to this day. Jake Steinfeld was always on late night television yelling in a hyper energetic way, promoting his products – which all seemed to hit it huge. The Body by Jake program and fitness equipment made tons of money and stayed in the public’s eye for a very significant amount of time.

Steinfeld is still selling fitness equipment to this day. His most recent popular fitness product in recent times has been the door gym, Tower 200, a set of relayed fitness resistance bands in different resistance “weights” that attach to doors for a full body workout. The resistance bands can be made more flexible with handles, bars, leg cuffs and other gym accessories for a myriad of different workouts.

Additionally, he’s also reportedly been the driving force behind the training for Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg in the Indiana Jones franchise – specifically working on Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Jake Steinfeld also lent his voice to a character in Ratatouille, has written numerous fitness books, cameo’d on a variety of shows, and is the uncle of actress Hailee Steinfeld from the TV show True Grit. Talk about Insane!

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